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100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR-Discussion | History homework help

100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR-Discussion | History homework help

(1) Watch the movie Big Fish (Links to an external site.)

(2) Discuss any ONE of the scenes, issues, or questions below, which are brought in Big Fish or Steinbeck’s Sea of Cortez. Refer back to the Sea of Cortez reading. But also pay attention to significant parts of Big Fish:

  • See the specific quotes that I highlight and apply to Jesus in this PowerPointPreview the document
  • Think about the Iceberg scene (at 1:16:55) involving Will has with his father, Edward.
  • Think about the hospital scene with Will and his father’s doctor (at 1:47:10). Just as the doctor asks Will, which version would you choose? (If you have seen or read Life of Pi, a similar question is asked at the end.

And/Or think about these questions.

  • How are we to understand and interpret stories about people? Should we take all stories at face value? Why or why not? Do these stories contain truths that transcend history and science? If so, how do we study them?
  • How can we compare our quest for truths about Jesus with Big Fish? In this quest, who is Ed Bloom? Who is Will Bloom? How does Big Fish inform us about the truth of somebody’s life, or of Jesus’ life? How does the storytelling in Big Fish compare to the storytelling in the Gospels? Which version of the story do you prefer: Will’s or Ed’s? The Gospels’ or historians’?

Again, individually, you only need to address one of the above. These are simply suggestions to help keep the discussion focussed.

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(3) In order to receive full credit (20/20), make at least four posts by Monday. This involves ONE initial response to any of the suggestions above. And it involves at least three responses to other students, which may also include answers to students who comment on your initial post.

I strongly recommend you start posting on today so that you will not be rushing to get your posts in on Monday.


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