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LSU Sociology Division of Labor in Society Paper

ÉMILE DURKHEIM 1858 – 1917 BIOGRAPHICAL BACKGROUND • Born April 15, 1858 in Epinal, Alsace, France. • Father, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather were all rabbis. He was secular. • Entered the École Normale Supérieure in Paris in 1879. • The French academic system had no social science curriculum at the time, and he took his degree […]

BSOP 429 Production Activity Control All Assignments Devry

BSOP 429 Production Activity Control All Assignments Devry

100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR-Paper four | HY 102 | University of Alabama at Birmingham

For this paper I am choosing the topic Overconfidence. That is the link that is in orange. I have already chose a topic. This paper is due by 8am central standard time on 12/07/18. For paper four go to the “Dr. Seuss Goes to War” collection and choose a cartoon to analyze: (Links to […]

100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR-2 GOVT 2306 Graded Discussion Due in 8 hours ahead

Your submission must be at least 600 words and your replies to other posts must be at least 5 relevant, well developed sentences. Then READ this article to help you determine the validity for information sources and help you analyze the following links: to an external site. WATCH/READ/or LISTEN to the following  article about the topic: (Links […]

100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR- Using the same format as the FSPIP papers, write One paper on a juvenile justice policy of your choosing. These papers are normally 25 points, but you need to make up 65 points, so your papers will ne

Using the same format as the FSPIP papers, write One paper on a juvenile justice policy of your choosing. These papers are normally 25 points, but you need to make up 65 points, so your papers will need to go into more depth. Instead of the normal 2.5 pages, your papers will each need to […]

100% SOLVED BY A TUTOR- week 4 discussion mgt571

Brainstorming is a popular strategy for organizations to have employees more involved and contribute innovative thoughts and ideas to improve a process or organization.  Conduct an Internet search using the keywords “creativity and brainstorming.” Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: What brainstorming activities would you recommend to a management team to help them think creatively and divergently? What makes you believe that your recommended strategies could be effective? How or when could these strategies be implemented? classmate 1:  For my management team, I would implement the Starbursting brainstorming technique. This style of brainstorming is great for working an idea that has already been brought “to the table”. This idea is presented to the team and there are 6 questions that come from that idea. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? This style is great for larger settings and allows for discussion between the group. The teams can discuss and explore different scenarios or reasons that the question might be asked. With a group of individuals, there could be collaboration between the different ideas around a question that allows for more creativity or benefits to that original idea.  In my organization, we currently use a collaborative effort when it comes to learning and creating ideas. Although we do not always ask these questions, we are mindful of the customers’ needs when we have creative ideas. Our company recently launched a new mobile app for our customers that allows them to review ACH docs, invoices, pricing, and fuel brand information. As a collective group, we worked on ideas that would be beneficial to the customer as well as had input on what is needed from the new app. We technically used a Starbursting technique but did not follow all the questions that can come from the traditional technique.  Classmate 2:  I use to be a manager in the Air Force and am currently team lead in my position in the civil workforce. One thing I would recommend is to practice seeking, speaking, and listening. It is hard to sometimes let people get a word in because you know the right answer and want to chime in but not letting others get their points across you might be losing valuable information as well as creating tension as to where the employee will not bother speaking up again. I think by knowing the program, bringing your experience to the table, and asking if I was presenting this is it clearly understood, what possible questions might be asked or unclear, and think about revising or at least researching so you will know the answer. Never want to go into a meeting unprepared and shoot from the hip because it might question your knowledge. Research, know your briefing material, and think outside of the box, not only current actions but the consequences of the decision to see if it still makes sense. Maybe get buy-in if management to see if the processes are even doable. Think of the big things, value-added, cost-savings, workload savings or extra work, or reduced work scope. I think planning, research, and pros and cons being weighed are all good points to being a creative thinker.  I think these strategies will work because it shows you did your homework and are well-skilled to make decisions outside of the box for the better good of the company. I believe that these will help encourage people as well. The strategies can be implemented by just taking time during the planning stage and not rushing implementation. Think of everything that could possibly go wrong, and write, and challenges that will be faced. Come up with a solution and development plan for implementation and then test the theory. An idea that is spoken but never executed is not a good thing because it could have been very beneficial. 

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