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ANSWERED BY A VERIFIED WRITER- Rasmussen College Globalization Discussion Responses

1. (Neomi) Globalization  can be defined as the means in which certain values, ideas,  technologies and beliefs are implemented globally as a reality that  transcends all the differences that may have a chance to divide human  beings (Ursah, & Baines, 2009).  Globalization may have considerable  beneficial as well as detrimental effects on various countries.   Globalization has had a negative impact on Russia.  An example of this  is political corruption.  Putin’s policies have used wealth to  strengthen their political power while making Russia less democratic  (Hauss, 2019). Another negative impact on politics is they are willing  to use illegitimate tactics to defeat their adversaries including  assassination.  There have been positive impacts.  One being that  economic stability and growth have been restored under Putin’s  administration.

The  US relationship with Russia in the past 10 years has been complicated.   Their involvement in the controversies surrounding the election of  President Trump is notable.  At its current negative rate, it could  cause a decline in the formation of Russian alliance. 

2. (sean) the united states have been positively impacted due 

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to globalization because of the increase of revenue due to the import of

goods we get and taxed. Russia has been struggling economically, 

however, their interference in the Presidential election has gained them


3. (trudy)Equity theory perception is important so that employees don’t see or  feel that on particular employee. I would like there to be fair  treatment for all in a workplace. Probation officers really have to be  fair, regardless of someones past or how good they are if they violate  their probation they all must face the same consequences. This is also  the same as when being issued probation.  


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