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Community College of Baltimore County Psychotropic Medication Informational Brochure

HUSC 141 Research Project
Using the Human Services Counseling Library Guide as your primary search tool, you’ll create
an informational brochure about the psychotropic medication of your choice. Your brochure
should contain the following information:
a. Drug name and category
b. What does this medication treat?
c. How does the drug work? What functions in the brain does it impact?
d. What are the benefits of the drug? What are the dangers?
e. What are the common side effects?
f. What (if any) abuse potential does this drug have?
g. Other information that you find interesting about the drug.
You can create this brochure electronically, or using materials at home. Please use at least 3
academic sources, which you’ll also submit as a Bibliography.
In the Assignment Dropbox, you’ll submit BOTH your brochure (if you create it at home, you
can take photos of it or scan it, and upload those documents) and a separate bibliography. Be
sure to upload both documents before clicking “submit”, because you will not be able to access
your assignment after submitting it.
This assignment represents the required research assignment for this course, and is worth 100
points toward your final grade.

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