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Psychology Question

Research Assignment Handout
General Purpose of Project:
• To provide a critical examination of human behaviour by reflecting on personal
experiences and linking them to theory and research.
In this essay, you will reflect upon and discuss the nature of your changing experience as
a member of a group. You will also be asked to reference your experience with pertinent
theories and research to account for your experience. The essay will be no more than 6
double spaced typed pages (12 point font, 1 inch margins) excluding the title page and
references. The paper must be in APA style; consult the Publication Manual of the
American Psychological Association (APA, 2019). You must have at least 5 scholarly
text (with a minimum being 3 current peer reviewed journal articles – published within
the past 10 years – e.g., Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice; Group
Processes & Intergroup Relations; Small Group Research)
From the 2 broad areas below your must choose 1. Once you have made the choice
between the two, the student must answer 3 of the 5 proposed subcategories (3 X 5 =
15 marks per section).
I. Group Formation and Structure (15 marks)
* Norm development
* Group development – i.e., growth and change of the group over time
* Social support – i.e., types of support
* Group communication networks
*Collaboration between group members
II. Leadership (15 marks)
* Personality qualities relevant to leadership
* Task vs. Relationship Leadership – i.e., when is each important
* Leadership Styles
* Gender differences in Leadership
* Use of power tactics
* Introduction – Give an overview of the assignment. For example, the purpose and
objective of the research assignment is to … Also, indicate the detailed composition of
your group(s) (how many people, what type of group, age, gender, etc.)
* Conclusion – Summarize what you have found through your group experience and
research. As well, indicate what are the key areas that may improve performance in the
future for this group.
V. APA FORMAT (2.5 marks)
It is important whenever you carry out a piece of research to include details of any
sources of information you have used. The sources should be cited using APA
formatting. A great resource for proper APA formatting is the Publication
Manual of the American Psychological Association. The structure of the essay or
research assignment (title pages, font size, margins, titles, subtitles, etc.) should
also follow the APA style.
Writing Tips
Don’t Write the Same Way You Speak

Do not use contractions

Do not use short terms (unless you have previously
defined an abbreviation)

E.g. Don’t, can’t, won’t, we’ll, etc…
Instead DO use: Do not; cannot; will not; we will, etc…
E.g. Use “fraternity” not “frat” and “Psychology” not
“Time” come as the end of the sentence

E.g. “At noon, I went to the store.”
Instead: “I went to the store at noon.”
Don’t Write the Same Way You Speak

Punctuation is placed inside quotation marks

Do not end sentences with prepositions such as with, in, that,
to, on, of, for, etc…

E.g. Neil Armstrong stated, “This is one small step for a man, one
giant leap for mankind.”
E.g. This is the class I am enrolled in.
Instead: This is the class in which I am enrolled.
Since ≠ As

As = Because
Since = Time (year, hour, etc)
Don’t Write the Same Way You Speak

A paragraph should be at least 3 sentences but no
longer than a page.

Avoid “worldly” vague statements

E.g. “The world is a better place since group dynamics
research began.”
E.g. “Many good things have evolved over time.”
Paraphrase rather than quote
References – If You Didn’t Read,
Don’t Cite it

Follow APA guidelines

Do not use dissertation abstracts

Don’t cite a dissertation unless you read the entire
Use only primary sources

Don’t quote someone who quoted someone else.
Find that original work.

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