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University of Toronto Electric Charge and Fields Multiple Choice Physics Questions

Question 1
The electric field in a region of space can be expressed by (415i + 1.24×1039 + 926) N/C. If a circle of diameter 5.00 cm is placed in the xz-plane of this region, what will be the electric flux through the
0.815 Nm2/C
2.43 Nm2/C
1.82 Nm2/C
3.15 Nm2/C
Question 2
There are two charges placed at different distances along the x-axis. The first charge of -2.00 nC is at x = -1.30 cm, and the second charge of 8.30 nC is at the point x = 1.30 cm.
Calculate the electric flux through a sphere centered at the origin, with a radius of 2.60 cm.
9.12×10-20 Nm2/C
1.16×103 Nm2/C
712 Nm2/C
5.58×10-20 Nm2/C
Question 3
A thin copper plate of diameter 8.00 cm is charged to 8.80 nC. What is the strength of the electric field 0.1 mm above the center of the top surface plate?
1.56×105 N/C

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